The Spinsters of San Francisco

is the city’s most prominent social

& philanthropic organization for women

Non-profit by charter, the group is comprised of college educated, unmarried women who sponsor and raise funds each year for a designated local charity. In addition, the group hosts after-work and evening cocktail parties, seasonal dances and three Charity Events for members and their guests.

Traditionally, the members have also volunteered their time with local arts organizations, medical facilities and other philanthropic groups such as the Guardsmen.

The group was founded on November 6, 1929.

Patricia Tobin (Mrs. Sheldon Cooper) hosted the first meeting in the ballroom of her grandparents’ home, the de Young house, at 1919 California Street. The Bachelors of San Francisco had already been formed, and the young women wanted to develop a sister organization. The first president was Harriet Brownell, who presided over the original membership of 35 young women.

Today, Spinsters of San Francisco has evolved into a professional, philanthropic, and social organization of over 200 members.

The group is comprised of professional and college-educated women between the ages of 21 and 35 who are dedicated to providing an influential and positive impact on the local community. Spinsters of San Francisco’s strong commitment to improving the community is achieved by promoting voluntarism, encouraging leadership, and collaborating with other community philanthropic organizations.

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